DIY Home

An update on the thing we did.

So! I completely forgot to give an update about our house that we picked up to rehab. I wanted to drop some before and after photos before we handed the keys over to the lucky family who now calls the place home! This place came a long way from what it once was.

See if you can guess what photos are the before and after!

We re-mulched with the landscape fabric (I didn’t get another pic) and updated the house numbers.

Since we were already on a shoestring budget for the project, we weren’t able to bring all of the ideas we had for the place to life, but it sure did turn out nice anyways! We think some of the imperfections that it still had at the end kept with the home’s unique character.

The bathroom makeover was definitely the most dramatic one of them all.

Missed the subway tile backsplash I wanted to do, but there’s always next time…

It is truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint and a little elbow grease can accomplish! We hope this home serves its new family well! Now we wait for our next project…